Benefits of Running in the Morning

To get the most out your fitness routine, you should run in the morning after breakfast because this gives you an energy boost. One benefit of running in the morning is that it reduces high blood pressure according to a study done at Appalachian State University. In the morning you might be stressed about what you will face during the day. By running in the morning you get stress relief. If you work mainly in the afternoon or at night, a morning run allows you to work out with a busy schedule. And on weekends the kids can join you in the routine.

During the hot summer months it becomes unbearable to run outside so to avoid a heatstroke or exhaustion from dehydration, it’s a good idea to run early in the morning when the sun is not overbearing. This is especially important for senior citizens and pregnant women. When running in the summer months drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


For those who eat carb-filled breakfasts, a morning run would be ideal because it helps you shed the extra inches gained from eating carbs. You can change things by avoiding the bad carbs such as those made of refined flour such as white rice and white bread. Instead eat complex carbs such as whole grain foods.

Your brainpower is energized when you run in the morning. Your mental acuity increases by four to ten hours and this means better memory for the day. In addition to this, fish oil supplements the morning run for improvement of cognitive skills.

New mothers often find it challenging to exercise but they will benefit from morning runs because it gives them the strength they need to handle the tasks of motherhood and household duties. Mothers can go on their run with the baby in the stroller or the other spouse can watch the baby while the mothers run.

Here is some advice on morning runs. You can sleep in your running gear so that you will not have to get dressed in the morning. If you struggle with motivation or laziness, ask a friend or your spouse to go running with you. Also eat a light breakfast before going for the run.

Running boosts your metabolism, increases energy levels and reduces excess pounds over a period of time. Mornings are great for runs because you can organize your thoughts and mentally plan activities for the day.

What You Must Know About The Importance Of Good Exercise Fitness Training

Obesity is becoming a very alarming problem all over the world which has started to affect people from very early age. We are slowly becoming aware of the effects of obesity in the system, and one of the easiest ways to handle this situation is with proper exercise fitness training.

Regular exercise will keep you fit. There is no doubt about it. However, it takes time for this regime to start functioning in your system, and unfortunately, we do not seem to have the time or patience to follow it through. Obesity is a problem that can easily be changed with good exercise fitness training, as the muscles that you build in the process will automatically get rid of the extra fat in your body.

Balanced fitness training will give you strength and energy. Therefore, next time you feel tired and decide that you have been working very hard sitting on your chair in the office whole day, then perhaps the best idea to get yourself back on track is to hit the gym for 20 minutes and see the difference.

Obese people are more prone to injuries, especially on their feet. Sprains can create a very painful situation and make you feel disabled for quite some time. Exercises normally tend to strengthen the ligaments and tendons at the same time, and this can be very important to avoid injuries at all times.

And if you are into sports, then good exercise fitness training may be the best for you. You can make sure that you are doing all the workouts that are going to be helpful in becoming the best basketball or softball player ever.

We all love to look good and be admired for our perfectly shaped bodies. However, this is not the case with most people and if a fitness program is giving us even the slightest results; we will feel very happy and proud of ourselves. This is a very important factor in reversing the obesity process because one of the causes of obesity on the emotional level is to dislike yourself.

And perhaps the most important point that we can derive from exercise fitness training is that this will add years to our life, and it will also add life to our years. It is not only good for your physical, emotional and mental health; it will also give you a better feeling about what you do in life and how to enjoy it to the fullest.